Happy the Year of the Dragon

春节对于每一个中国人来说都是一个重要的传统节日。它不仅是一个长假,更是一个阖家团聚的日子。然而,逐渐的,人们过春节的方式在变的不那么传统。比如, 回家过年的人在变少,出门旅游的人在变多;看春晚的人在变少,看电影的人在变多;自己做饭的人在变少,外面吃饭的人在变多。老一辈的人会觉得年味越来越淡, 但是,过年的负担却越来越轻了,这也是一种进步吧。 我已经很多年没有在家乡过春节了,因为我在另一个城市组建了自己的家庭,因为孩子还小,父母每年都会过来与我们团聚。中国春节有个习俗,初二的时候丈夫要陪妻子回娘家, 我老婆每年初一就要回去,刚开始我还是不太高兴的,感觉这不符合传统习俗,不吉利。但是时间久了,我也觉得没什么了,她一年也见不到自己父母几回,这种迫切的心情是可以理解的。 这可能也是我变的慢慢不那么传统的一个表现吧。 今年是龙年,龙是中华文明的经典图腾。寓意风调雨顺,吉祥如意。也是中国文化繁荣昌盛的标志,曾经在世界各地大放异彩,生根发芽。美好的愿景是每个人都有的, 不过实现的过程比想象的可要难上许多。强大的意志力和勇气是决定行的主观因素。这里引用丹泽尔·华盛顿的一句话:“Without commitment, you’ll never start. But more importantly, without consistency, you’ll never finish.”

Spring Festival is an important traditional holiday for every Chinese person. It is an extended vacation and a time for family reunions. However, how people celebrate the Spring Festival is gradually becoming less traditional. For example, fewer people are returning home for the holiday, while more are choosing to travel; fewer people are watching the Spring Festival Gala, while more are going to the movies; fewer people are cooking at home, while more are eating out. The older generation might feel that the festive spirit is diminishing. Still, at the same time, the burden of celebrating is becoming lighter, which is considered progress. I haven’t spent Spring Festival in my hometown for many years because I have established my family in another city. Since our child is still young, my parents come to reunite with us every year. There is a custom in China that on the second day of the Lunar New Year, husbands should accompany their wives back to their parental homes. My wife goes back on the first day every year. Initially, I wasn’t glad about it, feeling it needed to be in line with traditional customs and inauspicious. But as time passed, I understood her eagerness to see her parents, whom she only meets a few times a year. This year is the Year of the Dragon, a classic totem of Chinese civilization, symbolizing favorable crop weather, good luck, and auspiciousness. It also represents the prosperity and flourishing of Chinese culture, which has shone brightly worldwide and taken root and sprouted. Everyone has beautiful aspirations, but realizing them is much more complex than imagined. Intense willpower and courage are the subjective factors that determine success. I quote Denzel Washington: " Without commitment, you’ll never start. But more importantly, without consistency, you’ll never finish."