Java Regular Expression: How To Match Chinese Characters

A word that is combined Chinese characters with alpha digits characters seems like a whole word. So \b is no use on matching the alpha digits characters in the word.

    // your code goes here
    Pattern with_word_boundary = Pattern.compile("(?i)^\\w+\\b.*$");
    Pattern without_word_boundary = Pattern.compile("(?i)^\\w+.*$");

    String case_1 = "China中国";
    String case_2 = "China 中国";

    System.out.println(with_word_boundary.matcher(case_1).matches()); // false
    System.out.println(with_word_boundary.matcher(case_2).matches()); // true
    System.out.println(without_word_boundary.matcher(case_1).matches()); // true
    System.out.println(without_word_boundary.matcher(case_2).matches()); // true